Thursday, 25 June 2009

Black Bean “Brownies”

Okay, haven't updated in ages. I have been cooking though!

Ages ago, there was a recipe for blackbean brownies fluttering about the blogosphere. I book marker a few of them, and eventually settled on attempting one from Happy Herbivore

This simple recipe is based on black beans and bananas, and is very quick to throw together.
I didn't add the extra sugar, but I did throw in some chocolate chips and some walnuts.

When they were first cooked I wasn't too impressed, the edges are very crispy and not so nice. However, after resting for a few hours the flavours mingled, and they took on a tasty. nummy, fudgey quality.

I did add a frosting/icing made by mixing some Dark Chocolate Dreams, a peanut butter from the Peanut Butter Company's range of nut butter, mixed with a little Pure Soya, and a smidgen of icing sugar. This increased the nom factor by two meganoms, at least.

This morning I felt that I really needed a little extra fat, so I melted two squares of dark chocolate and poured this over the top, and had this with a soya milk cappuccino. All in all, rather yummy. See how nice!

I really am starting to make notes on my recipes, and I'm forming a misguided belief that I might actually be able to make the whole 'cookbook' idea work. Either way, I'm loving cooking at the moment, which is good.

What else? Oooh, we now eat at the table in the bay window. It makes things so much nicer. Only a few weeks ago we used to eat dinner watching TV each night, but after I put effort into cooking every night, I want to actually enjoy my efforts. It's also pychologically more filling, and now I tend to have a side salad of some of my home grown lettuce, and a slice of tomato so it ups the amount of raw food I'm eating, which is cool.

Anyway, more pictures of brownies below. Enjoy :)

Brownies in the tray - Note the burnt bits

Brownies - Burnt bits trimmed

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