Monday, 11 May 2009

Back at the keyboard

I'm sorry I've not updated in a little while. I've been superbusy with work, and MrDerious has been a little ill. I'll try better, I promise ;)
I've been experimenting a lot with sourdough... to mixed results. The sourdough bread has been okay (if not quite risen enough) in bread form, a disaster in pizza form, and gorgeous in sourdough biscuit form... based on the recipe from How it all Vegan. Anyway, I've now put some in the fridge, and dried a little on a piece of baking parchment, so if my culture dies, I have a good starter starter.
I will probably keep trying a new sourdough thing each weekend as I quite like the sour tang... and I certainly like playing with my food.
I'm trying to find ways of getting healthy fats into my diet. Even with eating enough calories, I don't eat enough fats, ending up only eating about 20-30g a day, when I need to be aiming for around twice that! Since I don't eat dairy or eggs, and don't like oily food, that v hard! Any suggestions beyond peanut butter and avocado would be appreciated.
Anyway, new plan. I try to diarise out what I'm eating for the day, and to forward load it so most of my eating is in the morning.... thus meaning I'm not trying to sleep with a sugar high!
This morning was couscous porridge from Garden of Vegan. This is blurry lovely, made with pecans and apricots.... however, it contains a whole cup of couscous and comes in at  well over 500cals. I tell you what though.... I suspect I'm not going to find myself hungry today! This made a huuuuugee bowl (I'll have to photograph it next time) of couscous loveliness... but honestly, I think I was going to burst! There is a very similar recipe in La Dolce Vegan, which makes about half the amount and has a banana in there instead of nuts and dried fruits. I think I might have to take the idea and make my own thing up with it.
Anyway.... exciting news, maybe. I'm leaving my current job. I've not been happy there, and I don't think it's a good fit for me. I'm not saying anything bad about the job... I think that for the right sort of person it would be great, but that's not for me. So, perception being a function of will I chose to see this as an opportunity to
  • Look at a wider range of jobs, including short contracts
  • Get into a job that nurtures my passions
  • Look at my self and decide what I want to do!
  • Start loving what I do again!
 Anyway...  so, back on with the food..... wooooo hooooo

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