Thursday, 30 April 2009

Pasta with Pinenuts - Picture Only

Hmmmmmm.... I love basil, a lot.

A simple sauce of tofu, basil, sundried tomatoes and garlic, over tagliatelle with toasted pinenuts.

Last time I made this the tomatoes were a bit tough, so I soaked these ones overnight in some water. It really softened them up.

I think next time, I'll put less garlic in... and maybe some chili powder.. because I like a little heat :)

Monday, 27 April 2009

Spiced taters with Sundried Tomato Seitan Cutlets

Another simple one tonight... can't really be bothered to try anything earth shattering at the moment.

Potatoes steamed for 30 mins along with some seitan cutlets, and then pan fried with poultry seasoning.

Sundried Tomato Cutlets - Easy (Makes 2)
60g Gluten Powder
1/4 Tsp Onion Powder
1/4 Tsp Basil
1/4 Tsp Black pepper
1/2 Tsp Vegan 'chicken' broth powder
1 Sundried Tomato (Chopped)

15ml Tomato Ketchup
90ml Water

Mix and knead above ingredients till a sticky dough is formed. Divide into two flat cutlets, wrap in foil and steam for 30 mins.

Unwrap and Dip in a little seasoned flour. Pan fry for 10 mins over a low heat while the potatoes brown.

The sundried tomatoes really worked. I was afraid they wouldn't be soft enough, but they were fine :)

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Apple Walnut Sugar Overload - And Pizza to boot

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... You know what is the best cookey book in the world, ever, that's right, La Dolce Vegan!

Today I made the Apple Walnut Pudding recipe which sits in both the breakfast and the dessert section. It was incredibly sweet, but very, very, very nice. I wouldn't reccomend it for breakfast, but for dessert, heck yeah!

Dinner was pizza, with courgette, aubergine (already softened on my new cast iron skillet!) tomatoes, mushrooms and green peppers. I also threw some fresh chilli peppers into the tomato topping... gosh, it was lovely. I was very lazy today, and just used up some bread dough mix I had sat the in cupboard.

Yummy :)

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mushroom Stroganoff

Just a picture today. I'm sure if you have a veggie cookbook, you'll have a recipe for a mushroom stroganoff, so I don't need to give you any instructions.

This vegan one was made with soy yogurt, and served on tagliatelle instead of rice.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Matzo Lasagna - Recipe

This makes loads, be warned, two gigantic servings which will make you feel stuffed at the end, it’s also blooming tasty!

This was a bit of a hotch potch of ideas, but strangely very easy. One of the nice things was it used up a load of Matzo type crackers that had seen better days and were getting a little soft, and just a bunch of veggies I had laying about the place.

Matzo Lasagna
Serves 2-4

Veggie Mix
250g Courgettes
300g Aubergine
100g Mushrooms
1 yellow pepper
1tsp garlic puree
3 ribs of celery
400g can chopped tomatoes
Seasoning to taste

Spinach Tofu Layer
90g Frozen Spinach
200g Tofu
100g Soy Yogurt
1tsp lemon juice

4 Matzo type crackers
Cheeze Sauce (I used Wolfies Cheese Sauce from LDV)

1) In a large pan, Sauté Veggies 2-3 mins
2) Add tomatoes, stir and simmer covered for 10 mins
3) In the meantime, microwave or boil frozen spinach (this was about two lumps) until bright green and cooked. Squeeze out the water, and blend with tofu, soy yogurt and lemon juice
4) Line the bottom of your lasagna dish with ½ the matzo crackers.
5) Place ½ the tomato veggie mix on top, add the remaining crackers, and spread the spinach tofu mix on the top.
6) Top with the remaining veggies, and pour cheeze sauce of choice over the top.
Bake at 165c for 15 mins

If serving 2 people, it works out less than 400cals each. If it wasn’t for the fact I’m trying to gain weight, I would have only eaten ½ of this, and still been full!

The cheeze sauce doesn't make it looks that appetising, I admit

Hmmm, Layer goodness, also, you can see I wasn't kidding about it making a lot

Portobello Mushroom Bake

I’m not saying much about this other than it’s one of the tastiest mushroom recipes I’ve ever eaten. it’s from ‘Garden of Vegan’ which normally guarantees yumminess.

Mushrooms baked with a garlicy almond sauce, which makes enough that once you have eaten the scrummy baked mushrooms, there is plenty of left over sauce. I normally dump some brown rice into the dish to soak up the sauce.

I think the work you are looking for is Nom

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Chocolate Caramel Matzos for Two (Recipe)

Two Serving Chocolate Caramel Matzo - Recipe

I've seen various recipes for these running about the interwebs, but since I didn't much fancy the idea of making a load of them, I've guesstimated a cut down version that only makes two servings (for me as the hubs)

1 Matzo Cracker (I actually used some 'Food Doctor' Organic Wholegrain Spelt Crackers I had laying around the house)
1 serving of vegan margarine (about 7 g)
4 tsp brown sugar
4 squares of 70% dark chocolate (20g) - cut into small chunks (Chocolate chips would be better if you had them)

  1. Preheat oven to 180C.
  2. Spread marge on cracker
  3. Top with sugar
  4. Stick into oven
  5. Keep an eye until sugar starts to bubble apx 3 mins
  6. Take out and sprinkle with chocolate
  7. Let chocolate melt, then spread with a knife
  8. Allow to cool/set (those of you who are impatient might put these in the freezer!)

Yomp, with the brand of crackers I used, this worked out at only 130kcals for a half sheet of cracker.... seemed very low for something so indulgent. Below is a picture of what once portion looks like.

Most weekends, I make a Pizza, because a) I really like them and b) it's a good way of using up any veggies that are starting to look like they won't make it through to the next week ;)
My preferred dough is a very simple one

200g flour of choice
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp quick action yeast
1 tbs olive oil

I normally whack this in the breadmaker to knead for 5 mins, then leave to prove for 30 mins. After this, I knock it back, and by the time the oven has warmed up and I've topped the pizza, it's ready to go. I always dust my pizza surface with dried polenta as this adds a nice crunch, more then plain flour.

Today's pizza was topped with 1/2 can of tomatoes, mixed with a tbs of ketchup and a little garlic. The veggies were red onions, green pepper, mushroom and the smallest ever bit of left over courgette. I cooked this for 10 min @ 230c, then added some beef seitan I had sat in the fridge and cooked for another 5.

Oh, and for the manically curious, I had a tofu casserole thing for breakfast, and red lentil soup with jalapeno peppers and tomato for lunch... and both were scrummy

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Broccoli Pasta - In a Lemon Sauce (Recipe)

Well, cheap/close dated food should never be ignored.. it's a fact of life. Kredit Krunch* So, when there was a hoooooge head of broccoli in the coop for 25p, I thought 'yeah, I better had'

My other half isn't too fond of broccoli when it tastes like broccoli, so generally if I have broccoli it needs to be fairly well spiced. Last week having made Broccoli with Garlic and Chili last week, I fancied something different. Anywhoo, I remember some blue soy cheeze at the back of the fridge that needed eating. See, the tough thing there is the cheeze it already moldy... how do you know it's gone off? ;)

Anyway - Easy Pasta Dish - Broccoli with a lemony sauce

One head of Broccoli
Pasta for two (About 150g)
200ml Stock
1 tbs Arrowroot Oil (Instructions Below)
1 tbs flour of choice
Juice and Rind of 1/2 Lemon (Unwaxed please!)

Optional 60g Soy or real blue cheese

1) Cook Pasta (I used macaroni) for 7mins
2) Separate broccoli florets and add after 7 mins
3) Cook for another 5 mins
4) While the broccoli is cooking, mix arrowroot oil and 1 tbs of the flour of your choice in a small pan
5) Start heating, and slowly add the stock until mixed in
6) Bring to boil
7) Add lemon
8) Simmer for 1 min
9) Drain Pasta/Broccoli, return to pan and add lemony stock
10) Sprinkle with cheese/soy cheese if liked

Now, you might be wondering about the arrowroot oil. I don't like too much fat in my diet, so I often use arrowroot as a sub for oil. To make, mix 1Tbs of arrowroot with 500mls of water, bring to a boil and simmer until it takes on an oil like appearance. This will last about a week in the fringe, and gives a slippy, oily gleam to that looks a lot like oil.

And, a Bonus Cat Picture (BCP), because cats haz flavar too.

* I'm working on the theory that the K makes it less scary, and more like Krispy Kreme, which as a vegan is an odd thing to find comforting ;)

An Apple a day...

One of the nice things about the weekends is that I get to eat a nice, leisurely breakfast, this normally means that on Saturdays I have Overnight French Toast, significantly adapted from 'La Dolce Vegan'

My tweeks

I use Bramley Apple, two large ones thinly sliced

Popped into a small pan, with 1 -2 tablespoons of water, and 2-3 tablespoons of apple sauce. Heat until steaming, then turn add cinnamon to taste. Let it sit on a low heat until soft.

I like my apple things nice and sharp, so I don't add any sweetener. The rest I stick to the recipe for. Basically, this calls for making a nice, creamy topping you dip some bread into which you arrange on top of the apple yum in a dish, and then pour the remaining 'batter' over the top. Overnight it soaks it all up, and you bake it in the morning.

The nice thing about this is that you do all the prep the night before, all I need to do in the morning is stick the oven on and pop the appley yumfest in. This bakes for about 35 mins, which gives me enough time to watch Pushing Daisies while it's cooking, and then eat the yummy apple goodness while watching the end of the show.


I try to have a nice soup in winter/spring if I'm home for lunch. Today was a very nice 'chicken' and rice soup, made with seitan. Yum. The nice thing here is you just mix gluten powder with a little water and cook it right in with the soup. It makes it very quick :)

Tonight's dinner will be something with Broccoli in it... on the grounds of I bought a huge head of close dated broccoli for 25p from the Coop, and it needs eating up!

People often make a big thing that being vegan or vegetarian costs more... I think that's hooey, since being 99.99% vegan I think I probably prepare 3 meals a day for myself and my other half, and I think my shopping bill is probably £30 a week, including treats etc. When I just just plain veggie I think I probably spent three times this as I would go shopping a lot more often, and spend less each time. I used to eat a lot of Quorn (which contains eggs) and is a lot more expensive.

Veggies are becoming more expensive, but if you keep your eyes open, you can get some good deals. Some vegan staples are fairly cheap, like rice, lentils etc.

Oh, and a bonus cat pic, because they are loooooly :)

Friday, 17 April 2009

Nakd - Lemon Raisins (25g ) - Product Review

First Impressions
There are only three ingredients, Raisins, citric acid and 'natural flavours'. Well, I like raisins and I like citric acid.

Nutritionally, very similar to raisins. 75kcals per 25g pack

A lot like raisins ;) A bit light in colour compared so some raisins, I assume this like be because of the bleaching caused by the citric acid

Just like raisins, Seeing a pattern here?

The raisins at the top of the packet just tasted like normal raisins, perhaps a bit sharper. Lower down the packet they had a lemony tang. It was more of a hint of lemon then tasting like lemon. To me, the subtlety is a good thing. I don't want my foods to taste of something it isn't.

Overall - Would I buy this product again?
If I was out and about in town and wanted a snack, yes. I wouldn't buy them for consumption at home as they work out a lot more expensive than just getting a small handful of raisins from the cupboard.

Probably really good for getting kids to eat their fruits, and not too sharp for them to enjoy :)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Teriyaki 'Beef' and Noodles - SuperEasy Recipe

Serves 2 - Kinda based on recipe in La Dolce Vegan

I had some Vegan mock beef in the fridge, but I guess you could use anything you liked really, Tofu, Veggie Mince, whatever baby.... you do it your way.

About 1 Cup fake meat
100mls Teriyaki Marinade
Onion of choice (Red, Spring etc)
French Ginger to taste (I had about 1-2 tbs)
Garlic to taste (2 - 3 cloves)
1 tbs Sesame Seeds
Peas or mixed frozen veg - about the same amount as the fake meat.

Rice Noodles according to hunger

Marinade the fake meat in the Teriyaki

Cook the rice noodles - Drain. Top tip, to prevent noodles sticking together rinse well, and mist with a little 'spray oil'.

Spread the sesame seeds on a baking tray and stick under a grill for about 5 mins until brown*

Meanwhile, fry ginger, onion, garlic until the onions are softened

Add the fake meat and remaining sauce, stir and fry on a low heat for 2-3 mins, or until all marinade is soaked up/dried off

Throw in frozen veggies and leave for one min on low heat. Turn heat off and leave for another 3-4 mins

Meanwhile, portion out your noodles.

Add your sesame seeds to the veggies and beef, mix up and place on the noodles.

Eat with chopsticks.... it takes longer and you feel all authentic like ;)

*Carefull, these suckers burn like a redhead on a hot summers day.

Incidentally, I've recently realised why I get so hungry throughout the day... I eat breakfast about 7am most days ;) You would think I would have picked up earlier that this means that a 1pm lunch will be a long time (6hrs) after breakfast.... but I have a tendency to be a bit slow at times.

Anyway, in order to keep my energy levels as stable as possible throughout the day, I try to have a snack mid morning. I've decided to move this to 10am. As my hubby has his lunch break at about 12:15pm, we tend to eat lunch early at the weekends, so it makes sense for me to eat early during the week too.

Anyway, my food intake now looks like this;

7am - Breakfast
3 hrs
10am - Snack
12pm - Sandwich
1pm - Rest of lunch (Normally a smoothie or something)
4pm - Light snack
7pm - Dinner

Product Review - JC's Trek 'Cherry Crunch' Protein Flapjack

The Product - JC's Trek 'Cherry Crunch' Protein Flapjack (Oat Flapjack with Protein Crunchies - 10g Protein) 56g

First Impressions
It's nice that they have stuck to the vegan line, using golden syrup were they could easily have gone for honey instead. Its also good to see a product that is clear that it's suitable for vegans, but not insistent on it being seen as a product solely for vegans. This is great, as it's a subtle education to people that you don't need animal ingrediants to be tasty.

Nutritionally, they aren't as calorie packed as most of the prepacked flapjacks on the market, and they hold a nice amount of protein 18.3% (10.2g per bar), which is always good. They do have a good wedge of sugar, but since they product is marketed with a very strong bend towards being a sports/hiking snack, that's really not a bad thing. To put it into context, 241kcals per flapjack is a less then most flapjacks.

I was a bit surprised when I read through the ingredients that there is no explict statement that they contain cherries (the cherry infused raisins don't actually state they contain cherry, but they might). I expect if I wasn't reviewing this I'd have totally failed to notice this as all the ingredients are fairly natural.

Flapjacky. Oats are visable on the top, and if you turn it over, the protean crunchies were kind of grouped on the bottom. These look a little like puffed rice.

A few cherry infused raisins visble on the outside, but not loads. Nice level of brown

Very much like a cherry bakewell, but a lot less sweet. Typically subtle, as is the rest of their products

Not as heavy as the brownies, and with a definate crunch. The crunchies have a similar feeling to puffed rice, but a bit more grainy... almost like a mix of popping candy and puffed rice. Less dence then most flapjacks for sale. The Blackfriar ones, for example, often feel like you have eaten a brick after, these aren't like this.

There wasn't that lingering, oily mouthfeel that you sometimes get with flapjacks.

Again, kinda like a bakewell, the cherries really come through. There is an oddly, marzipan like flavour, which settles well against the oats, I guess this is the golden syrup . The raisens had grouped together for safety at one end of the bar. I pulled one out to taste on it's own... it had subtle cherry overtones with a raisin finish.

If you are like me and don't have an overwhelmingly sweet tooth, you'll probably find these towards the sweet end of the scale, but not unpleasently so. If you like very sweet things, you might wish it were a tiny bit sweeter.

I was starving before I had this... and it really satisfied. I lingered over it a little, but at the end I felt satisfied. I didn't get hungry again for a good 4-5 hours

Very nice. I was expecting to either really like this product, or really hate it. The ingrdiants don't actually mention cherries anywhere, so I was a little skeptical, but it had a pleasent Cherrish taste. If you were to eat a cherry and it tasted like this bar, you would be surpriced, but if you bought a cherry fruit tea, you wouldn't be.

I would like to see a Nakd bar with the same flavour. Perhaps called 'Cherished Cherry' or some such?

Verdict - Would I buy again
Well, yes I would. I slighty prefer the brownies as they are a little less sweet and a little more dence, but if I were going to be selecting a snack to take on a hike or bike ride, if go for this as it seems more substantial. It's also nice to have options.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Dragon Bowl & Natural Balance Foods Box

I’m feeling a little lazy today, so you are only getting a very quick post.

Got home today to a wonderful box full of foods from the good people at Natural Balance Foods ltd. They kindly sent this to me free of charge after I mentioned on their Facebook page that I had been hunting high and low for their new flapjacks. How awesome is that?

Anyway, they have updated their website today… funky flash on the front page and everything.

From Ready, Veggie, Cook

The box contains;

Trek Protein Flapjacks
Oat Crunch
Cherry Crunch

Orange infused raisins
Pineapple infused raisins
Cherry infused raisins
Lemon raisins

Nākd bars - 100% natural wholefood bar
Apple Pie - 30g and 68g
Cocoa Loco - 30g and 68g
Berry Cheeky - 68g and 30g
Banana Bread - 30g

JC’s TREK™ Wholefood Energy Bar (68g)
Peanut and Oat
Cocoa Brownie
Mixed Berry

Anyway, I will be reviewing a product each night, so if you like tasty, healthy snacks which also happen to be vegan/vegetarian suitable, keep um peeled!

Anyway, onto what I’ve yomped today ;-)

Dinner this evening was lovely!
Dragon Bowl - Serves 2

From Ready, Veggie, Cook

Main Bowl
190g Brown Rice
Kale - Few large handfuls
Carrots - 1 or 2
Tofu (about half a pack)
Spring Onions

2 Tbs Soy Sauce
1 Tbs Sherry
2 gloves garlic (sliced)
1 tsp Tabasco or other chilli sauce
1 tsp cornflour
Pinch ginger

Put the brown rice in rice cooker, or saucepan… you know, whatever baby. Add twice the volume in water.


While it’s cooking, chop the kale, dice the tofu, grate the carrot, slice a couple of spring onions

When rice is cooked, Throw kale, carrots, tofu and spring onions top of rice to heat up a bit (5 mins or so)

Mix all the sauce ingredients together in order in a small sauce pan. Bring to light simmer, simmer gently for about 3 mins. Tip onto the rice, and mix together.

Yum! I’ve give it 4 carrots out of 5.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Chilli Spring Day - Recipe included

Well, would yah guess it… the Bank Holiday was overcast and gloomy, then the first day back to work sunny and bright.

Work was work…. Had someone else in the office with me today, so it felt a little more lively. I left at five, as I needed to be home on-time to join my OH in taking Maisie to the vets to have the growths on her ears looked at… the vet cleaned out Maisie’s ears, and told us that she thinks the growth is benign… so all good.


Toast with Brown Rice Breakfast from How it All Vegan

My top tip for this is to spread the toast with vegan mayo and ketchup, then place then spread sides together and pop into a toaster bag (the sort for making toasted sandwiches) and reheat for a moment. This stops it getting slimey and cold by the time you have finished eating. Now top with the brown rice mixture.

Morning Snacks
Nakd Coco Loco Bar

Avocado and salad sandwich, spread with hummus
Smoothie - Made with Orange, Apple, Beetroot and dark salad leaves

Smoothie looked very, very odd, but tasted lovely. Not beetrooty at all though.

Broccoli and Pasta in a Chilli Garlic Sauce

From Ready, Veggie, Cook

175g Wholemeal Pasta
1 head of Broccoli - Cut into small florets
½ head (4-5 big cloves) of Garlic, Sliced
75mls Veggie Stock
½ - 1 tsp Crushed Dried Chilli Flakes

Place Veggie Stock in a small pan. Add the sliced garlic and chilli flakes. Heat up until gently bubbling. Then, place on the lowest heat on you hob.

From Ready, Veggie, Cook

Start Pasta boiling in unsalted water. After 6-8 mins add chopped broccoli and cook for a further 3-4 mins until broccoli is bright green.

Drain pasta and broccoli mix, retaining about two tablespoons of the boiling water.

Put back into pan. Tip the garlic, chilli stuff in. Pour the retained water into the garlic pan and swirl around, tip into the pasta pan (This ensures you get all the garlicky goodness) mix up an heat a moment, then serve.

Yomp it up!
This was lovely, even though the Brocolli had really seen better days. Meh, you are simmering it for 3-4 mins, do you think you'll notice if it's a tad yellow?

Co-op Blackberry and Apple Pie

This is nice, but not tart enough. Good to find a vegan pie though… so I’m not terribly upset.

From Ready, Veggie, Cook

Slice of fruit loaf, Toasted

And in a few mins I’m going to start prepping for breakfast. Slowcooker Chilli Beans. How awesome is it to wake up to a hot, tasty homemade meal? I love doing this one on in the slow cooker as it means all I really need to do in the morning is put some toast in the toaster, and slop beans onto the toast when done. Sure, I could do baked beans on toast, but really, that’s not the same!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Tempeh Tantrums

As a long term vegetarian (now turned almost 100% vegan), there are some veggie foods that are very hard to get hold of in the UK which I have always wanted to try. Now I read a lot of vegan blogs, there are even more that I want to give a go! There were two, that up until the last 6 months, I’d never eaten, these are;


You can read all about my Seitan experiences in an earlier post. However, I’m very lazy at times, so I now buy Gluten Powder from a mail order site called flourbin. It’s as simple as throwing roughly equal portions of flour and water into the bread maker, and then simmering away in whatever broth you choose. It’s a heck of a lot easier, and when I’m feeling very lazy, I just use vegan stock cubes.

Tempeh is a different matter. Tempeh, I’ve seen for sale in two places… one, a deli shop in Lyme Regis (3 hours 24 mins) drive away, if you trust Google maps, and once in A Cooks Delight, in Berkhamsted (Which can be on my way home, but isn‘t normally, and is a pain to park near). When I saw in in the Lyme Regis shop, I bought a single jar (as it seems to be an acquired taste) and I didn’t want to end up with a lot of jars that I didn’t use. Now, this was in November… and I’ve only just in the past month had the cahones to try it! Anyway, I can confirm, Tempeh rocks! It has a sorta nutty taste, and a chewy texture a bit like the ubiquitous Quorn, which I loved, but is not vegan.

Anyway, with some looking on-line, I figured ‘I can make that’ There are lots of tutes on-line, so I won’t go into it in depth but basically the process is

Soak about 500g Soya Beans overnight (6-12 Hours)
Dehull the soya beans (this takes aaaageeeeeeeessssssss, I’m going to get a grain mill to help!)
Boil in a lot of water for 10 mins, then simmer for another 20. Add 3tbs of vinegar to retard the growth of other spores
Drain and dry very well
Add some tempeh starter culture (about 5g), mix wildy
Pack into a ziplock bag, puncture at 1cm intervals with a thick needle
Incubate at 200c for 36-48 hours
When it looks all white and forms a solid lump, its ready.

Well, my first attempt didn’t go so well. Basically, I tried using some of the left over Tempeh to make a starter culture. This didn’t work, and after a few days ‘incubation’ all I had was yeasty soya beans.

Then I ordered some starter culture online, for the princely sum of £8 something in Euros. This duely turned up from the nice people at within a few days, and I tried again. This time success!

In my father’s 30 year old environmental control cupboard with some well dehulled soy beans it took less that 24 hours for the white mycelium to cover most of the surface of the soya beans, and at 36 hours it formed a big lump.

So, what to make huh? The answer was clear ‘Tempeh Toss’ from The Garden of Vegan. This is one of the best vegan cookery books, in fact, I think this and La Dolce Vegan are the only way I’m managing to stay 99% vegan.

Anyway, this is a rather yummy recipe containing Tempeh, various veggies and some seasonings… no, I’m not giving you the recipe… the book is worth the money, quick go buy it!

Anyway, First, you cube some Tempeh (My very own stuff, yay!)

Then fry it in a little oil

Add some chopped veggies and secret herbs and spices, Then serve with whatever you like... I had Brown Rice

Okay, so the rest of the days foods were;

Brown Rice pudding with raisins & cinnamon (yum!) with a side order of toast and Marmite

Mid Morning Snack Soy Cappuccino
½ a Trek Coco Brownie shared with my other ½ - These things are so filling you really only need half…. but so tasty, you’ll want two!

Green Smoothie - Orange, Apple, Kiwi and a handful of spinach
Grilled Portabella Mushroom Sandwich with a Soy Yogurt dressing

Tempeh Toss with Brown Rice (You knew that though, Silly Heads)

I also have a special treat….. Vegan Apple and Blackberry Pie from the Co-op :-D

This was only £1.29, and satisfied a need for something sweet :) *Happy Dance time*

And I guess later on I’ll have some roasted soy nuts, or maybe some chilli flavoured baked chickpeas. Yum


Opps, accidentally rejected a comment - So I'm adding it here!

From the lovely Rae, who I used to work with, and miss deeply!

You're so organized! I've done the research but haven't gotten my act together to make tempeh & seitan. By the way, I believe you can get tempeh at Uhuru on the Cowley Road. I haven't bought any because the portion seems so paltry compared to what I could get in the States.

We have those pies at Co-op too. They do indeed satisfy a need!