Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Chilli Spring Day - Recipe included

Well, would yah guess it… the Bank Holiday was overcast and gloomy, then the first day back to work sunny and bright.

Work was work…. Had someone else in the office with me today, so it felt a little more lively. I left at five, as I needed to be home on-time to join my OH in taking Maisie to the vets to have the growths on her ears looked at… the vet cleaned out Maisie’s ears, and told us that she thinks the growth is benign… so all good.


Toast with Brown Rice Breakfast from How it All Vegan

My top tip for this is to spread the toast with vegan mayo and ketchup, then place then spread sides together and pop into a toaster bag (the sort for making toasted sandwiches) and reheat for a moment. This stops it getting slimey and cold by the time you have finished eating. Now top with the brown rice mixture.

Morning Snacks
Nakd Coco Loco Bar

Avocado and salad sandwich, spread with hummus
Smoothie - Made with Orange, Apple, Beetroot and dark salad leaves

Smoothie looked very, very odd, but tasted lovely. Not beetrooty at all though.

Broccoli and Pasta in a Chilli Garlic Sauce

From Ready, Veggie, Cook

175g Wholemeal Pasta
1 head of Broccoli - Cut into small florets
½ head (4-5 big cloves) of Garlic, Sliced
75mls Veggie Stock
½ - 1 tsp Crushed Dried Chilli Flakes

Place Veggie Stock in a small pan. Add the sliced garlic and chilli flakes. Heat up until gently bubbling. Then, place on the lowest heat on you hob.

From Ready, Veggie, Cook

Start Pasta boiling in unsalted water. After 6-8 mins add chopped broccoli and cook for a further 3-4 mins until broccoli is bright green.

Drain pasta and broccoli mix, retaining about two tablespoons of the boiling water.

Put back into pan. Tip the garlic, chilli stuff in. Pour the retained water into the garlic pan and swirl around, tip into the pasta pan (This ensures you get all the garlicky goodness) mix up an heat a moment, then serve.

Yomp it up!
This was lovely, even though the Brocolli had really seen better days. Meh, you are simmering it for 3-4 mins, do you think you'll notice if it's a tad yellow?

Co-op Blackberry and Apple Pie

This is nice, but not tart enough. Good to find a vegan pie though… so I’m not terribly upset.

From Ready, Veggie, Cook

Slice of fruit loaf, Toasted

And in a few mins I’m going to start prepping for breakfast. Slowcooker Chilli Beans. How awesome is it to wake up to a hot, tasty homemade meal? I love doing this one on in the slow cooker as it means all I really need to do in the morning is put some toast in the toaster, and slop beans onto the toast when done. Sure, I could do baked beans on toast, but really, that’s not the same!

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