Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Dragon Bowl & Natural Balance Foods Box

I’m feeling a little lazy today, so you are only getting a very quick post.

Got home today to a wonderful box full of foods from the good people at Natural Balance Foods ltd. They kindly sent this to me free of charge after I mentioned on their Facebook page that I had been hunting high and low for their new flapjacks. How awesome is that?

Anyway, they have updated their website today… funky flash on the front page and everything.

From Ready, Veggie, Cook

The box contains;

Trek Protein Flapjacks
Oat Crunch
Cherry Crunch

Orange infused raisins
Pineapple infused raisins
Cherry infused raisins
Lemon raisins

Nākd bars - 100% natural wholefood bar
Apple Pie - 30g and 68g
Cocoa Loco - 30g and 68g
Berry Cheeky - 68g and 30g
Banana Bread - 30g

JC’s TREK™ Wholefood Energy Bar (68g)
Peanut and Oat
Cocoa Brownie
Mixed Berry

Anyway, I will be reviewing a product each night, so if you like tasty, healthy snacks which also happen to be vegan/vegetarian suitable, keep um peeled!

Anyway, onto what I’ve yomped today ;-)

Dinner this evening was lovely!
Dragon Bowl - Serves 2

From Ready, Veggie, Cook

Main Bowl
190g Brown Rice
Kale - Few large handfuls
Carrots - 1 or 2
Tofu (about half a pack)
Spring Onions

2 Tbs Soy Sauce
1 Tbs Sherry
2 gloves garlic (sliced)
1 tsp Tabasco or other chilli sauce
1 tsp cornflour
Pinch ginger

Put the brown rice in rice cooker, or saucepan… you know, whatever baby. Add twice the volume in water.


While it’s cooking, chop the kale, dice the tofu, grate the carrot, slice a couple of spring onions

When rice is cooked, Throw kale, carrots, tofu and spring onions top of rice to heat up a bit (5 mins or so)

Mix all the sauce ingredients together in order in a small sauce pan. Bring to light simmer, simmer gently for about 3 mins. Tip onto the rice, and mix together.

Yum! I’ve give it 4 carrots out of 5.

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