Friday, 17 April 2009

Nakd - Lemon Raisins (25g ) - Product Review

First Impressions
There are only three ingredients, Raisins, citric acid and 'natural flavours'. Well, I like raisins and I like citric acid.

Nutritionally, very similar to raisins. 75kcals per 25g pack

A lot like raisins ;) A bit light in colour compared so some raisins, I assume this like be because of the bleaching caused by the citric acid

Just like raisins, Seeing a pattern here?

The raisins at the top of the packet just tasted like normal raisins, perhaps a bit sharper. Lower down the packet they had a lemony tang. It was more of a hint of lemon then tasting like lemon. To me, the subtlety is a good thing. I don't want my foods to taste of something it isn't.

Overall - Would I buy this product again?
If I was out and about in town and wanted a snack, yes. I wouldn't buy them for consumption at home as they work out a lot more expensive than just getting a small handful of raisins from the cupboard.

Probably really good for getting kids to eat their fruits, and not too sharp for them to enjoy :)

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