Saturday, 18 April 2009

Broccoli Pasta - In a Lemon Sauce (Recipe)

Well, cheap/close dated food should never be ignored.. it's a fact of life. Kredit Krunch* So, when there was a hoooooge head of broccoli in the coop for 25p, I thought 'yeah, I better had'

My other half isn't too fond of broccoli when it tastes like broccoli, so generally if I have broccoli it needs to be fairly well spiced. Last week having made Broccoli with Garlic and Chili last week, I fancied something different. Anywhoo, I remember some blue soy cheeze at the back of the fridge that needed eating. See, the tough thing there is the cheeze it already moldy... how do you know it's gone off? ;)

Anyway - Easy Pasta Dish - Broccoli with a lemony sauce

One head of Broccoli
Pasta for two (About 150g)
200ml Stock
1 tbs Arrowroot Oil (Instructions Below)
1 tbs flour of choice
Juice and Rind of 1/2 Lemon (Unwaxed please!)

Optional 60g Soy or real blue cheese

1) Cook Pasta (I used macaroni) for 7mins
2) Separate broccoli florets and add after 7 mins
3) Cook for another 5 mins
4) While the broccoli is cooking, mix arrowroot oil and 1 tbs of the flour of your choice in a small pan
5) Start heating, and slowly add the stock until mixed in
6) Bring to boil
7) Add lemon
8) Simmer for 1 min
9) Drain Pasta/Broccoli, return to pan and add lemony stock
10) Sprinkle with cheese/soy cheese if liked

Now, you might be wondering about the arrowroot oil. I don't like too much fat in my diet, so I often use arrowroot as a sub for oil. To make, mix 1Tbs of arrowroot with 500mls of water, bring to a boil and simmer until it takes on an oil like appearance. This will last about a week in the fringe, and gives a slippy, oily gleam to that looks a lot like oil.

And, a Bonus Cat Picture (BCP), because cats haz flavar too.

* I'm working on the theory that the K makes it less scary, and more like Krispy Kreme, which as a vegan is an odd thing to find comforting ;)

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