Sunday, 8 February 2009

Cleaning out my pantry

Well, for long and convoluted reasons, I have a cupboard full of food. It's nice in that, in case of Zombie Invasion....I've got enough food to keep me going for a bit... but on the other hand, I can't find anything when I look in there.

About every 6 months or so I get really annoyed with it, and reorganise it, only to throw out half a dozen bits of food, which I then replace very quickly, and I'm in the same position after a few more weeks.

Anyway, I've decided to eat through all the things I don't need.... today I started with a can of prunes for breakfast :) MrDerious and I shared them, topped with a nice splodge of my homemade soya yogurt from homemade milk.

The only time I've ever managed to make soya yogurt I've made it in a thermos flask. Making it in a yoghurt maker never seems to work. Weird huh? Anyway, I have a fairly small 350ml flask, which is perfect really, as it doesn't make too much and I can therefore eat through it in 2-3 days and none of it gets thrown away. I guess if I was using some for baking, I would want more.... but mostly I use it as a topping, or a little bit in my breakfast burritos with some guacamole to make it creamy :) I don't feel it's quite as nice as the store bought stuff, but I know what's in there... and it's all healthy. The store bought stuff like Alpro has thickeners and sweeteners in them... this is just water, soybeans and a wee bit of yogurt culture, which as time goes on will just be water, soybeans and some endlessly multiplying bacteria.

Anyway, no firm plans for the rest of the day.... might be brave and walk up to Tesco if the weather holds. Its a good walk though... made 40mins in good weather and the walk into town wiped me out yesterday, so it might not be a great plan. Hmmm, will decide later

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