Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Weather, It's Snow Fun


It's now day 3 of it being too snowy to go anywhere.... The week has been an odd one.

Monday I woke up to see snow outside the window.... a fair bit as it happens. However, myself being the person I am.... I went on my merry way to work. It's a 17 mile trip... and I got into the office to hear the phone ringing. I was surprised to see that there was no-one else in the office. It was my boss

Me: "Good Morning *******, How can I help"
Boss: "Who's that?"
Me: "MsDerious"
Boss: "Oh, who else is in the office"
Me: "Just me"
Boss: "Oh, What's the weather like?"
Me: "About 2inchs of snow?"
Boss: "Oh, Are you staying?"
Me: "Well, I have a lot to do"

This conversation continues, until we decide that I'll leave at about 11... only 2 other people made it in that day.

I head in.... still snowy, but today the rest of the office make it in

Normal Day

Probably 3-4 inches deep, and it's like death on the roads. I'm still stupid enough to have a bash at going in. At about 8am on of the other ladies in the office calls on my mobile to tell me to go home... I'm a plank, so I continue to head in....
I get stranded in the snow until a nice made comes along and helps my wee car.
Left home at 7.30am
got back home 12ish

Most of that time was spent cacking my pants that I was going to die in the snow.

Get a call at 7am to say not to come in.
Work from home
Look in cupboard
For dinner I had

Homemade BBQ sauce
Chicken flavour seitan
Orange Pepper
Green Pepper

Made Quinoa in microwave as I was feeling very lazy

Cut peppers into strips
Added 1 rib of celery and fried until weeping a bit
Had left over seitan made with La Dolce Vegan recipe... added that
Continued to cook until warm
Added 1/4 cup of BBQ sauce... and some juice left over from my breakfast chili
Heat until thickened
Yumm :)

Got up about 7:30... did the weekly weigh in. Wrinkled my nose at the weight... 7st 1lbs .... not good. I've lost more weight :(

Ate last of Breakfast Chilli with some spinach in a tortilla... Yum :)

Watched the end of Spiderman 3, Plus One and the first episode of being Human

Decided that I didn't much fancy paying for parking while we went into town, so decided to walk. About 3-4 years ago I had bought two pairs of 'Snowgrips' that stretch onto the bottoms of your shoes. I actually found these at the start of the shitty weather, and I use these. They really make the difference on the walk into town.

We get into town, go get a Soya Cappuccino, then watch Bolt 3D. OMG!!!! Never seen a 3D film before, and it's not most awesome thing ever... Anyway, after that we buy some more vegan cheese (Tofutti for MrDerious, Redwood for me) and get another Cappuccino (to stay warm more than anything else).

Walk home via Morrison's, buying some more peppers, a snack bar for MrDerious, mixed veggies and some veggie burgers.

Get home, have a toasted sandwich done in toasterbags. Chedderstyle redwood and a slice of seitan pepperoni :)

I make up the soya milk from the beans that have been soaking, and make some seitan dough up in the breadmaker. I look at the small lumps and think "That's not going to be enough" but, as usual, it puffs up nicely in the broth. I'm feeling lazy enough to use the vegan chicken broth I found in Asda... it tastes blooming nice :)

For dinner we have (Makes 4, we had 1 each)
Seitan Chicken Cutlets
200g Seitan
Simmered for 30min in 2cups of broth
Dipped in homemade soya milk
Dipped in mix of flour, paprika, black pepper and salt
Fried for 10 mins over medium heat (Whacked up to high at the end)

Carrot (Steamed for 8 mins)
New Potatoes (Steamed for 25 mins)
Mixed veggie pack (beans, Leek and Courgette)

This is the first time I've steamed carrots, they worked out well :)

For dessert I had a gingerbread bar. These are veggie, but not vegan. I figure there isn't much point throwing it all out, so I'm just trying not to buy any more non-vegan foods. I slip up now and then... but I'm getting better :)

MrDerious is now watching Bourne Ultimatum... I was foolish enough to upgrades to the movies package on Sky. 3 months at 1/2 price seemed like an okay plan... we can watch a whole bunch of movies... then cancel once I've seen all the stuff I'm interested in. Its kinda makes sense to do this as I don't feel I get a lot out of my Sky+ sub.

Anyway, I think I'll go check the soya yogurt (If this batch fails, I swear I'm going to give it up soon) and perhaps get a glass of wine. I've not really eaten enough today.... so I'm thinking of ways of getting a little more food into me. I might have a look in the freezer to see what there is in way of frozen yummies.

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