Sunday, 8 February 2009

Induction Hob - Epic Bargain Success

Yay! I now have an induction hob. It's not fitted yet, but I bought it from B&Q today. I had seen on Hot UK Deals a chap who had got a Hotpoint Induction Hob for £49. I wasn't too convinced to be honest.... but I thought I'll have a quick look.

After a lot of sodding about looking at a different hob that was £40, I had a Hotpoint one labeled up at £499 I thought "ah, give it a try" so we got a price check... £119 :)

Was very pleased... have wanted an proper induction hob for years as I exclusively cook on a single ring plug in hob.

Now, all we have to do is to fit it ;)

Now, Foods for the day


1/2 Can Prunes
Splodge Yoghurt

Low sugar/salt baked beans
2 Slices Warburtons Bread
Soya Cappuccino

Seitan Cutlet

Steamed veggies - Made up of
120g Baby potatoes
75g Carrots
75g Mange Tout

Low Fat Muffin Parfait
Made up with
Low fat homemade muffin from the freezer
Homemade Soya Yoghurt
Frozen Blueberries
Black Cherry Jam
1 Tbs Sherry
Microwaved for 1 min... with a lid on

This revives the dead muffins.... I feel like The Piemaker... just far less creepy

Today I also cleaned off the bookshelf and put all my recipe books on one shelf. Yay! No more swearing because I can't find the book I'm after... now, swearing because I can't remember which book the recipe is in ;)

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  1. Thank you my dear, keep an eye out for the rest of it :)

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